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we plan the shoot, and then
shoot the plan.

Just Shoot Me Digital is a successful Digital video production and post-production house, delivering High-End broadcast quality video content to some of the top brands to South African as well as International clients.

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25+ years television and broadcast experience.

Our clients can expect this top quality service at reasonable rates and with excellent turnaround times.

We Plan the Shoot, and then Shoot the Plan. This credo is the foundation of all our productions and projects we enter into with our clients. With a detailed mutually agreed storyboard our clients can be assured of a final product that fully meets the brief.

The Founder of Just Shoot Me Digital has more than 25 years experience in the television and broadcast industry in South Africa and abroad. He started his career with the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC) moving to a commercial environment specialising in editing TV commercials, sport, documentaries and magazine programmes to name a few.

In 2009 Just Shoot Me Digital was founded and has since grown into a successful boutique video production and post-production house, delivering broadcast quality video content to some of the top brands in South Africa. Our facilities include broadcast quality high-definition cameras and the latest cutting-edge editing software. 

Our clients can expect this top quality service
at reasonable rates and with excellent turnaround times.

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Our Services Include

Company Profiles

company profile videos

Show-case your Company’s Products, Services, Team and Location with a high quality video content. A 1-2 minute explainer video that describes the Company’s Products and Services, showcasing the credibility of the company.
Google analytics have proven that a video on a web-site will rank higher than one without as it increases Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by as much as 45%.

Behind The Scenes

behind the scenes videos

The making of a TV commercial, or feature-film.

Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility

Promote the impact that your NPO has on society via your website, encouraging financial sustainability for the future.


property video production

Visually sell your property on-line.

Web Commercials

web commercials

Our creative team will create a 30, 60 or 90 second video commercial for your web site to suit your needs.

Client Testimonials

client testimonial for just shoot me digital

The name says it all. There is nothing more satisfying than a client praising the services or products supplied and delivered. Here we “shoot” the client and post the testimonial onto the web site, or YouTube.

Live & Multi-cam Events

Utilising two or more cameras we are able to “live-edit” an event thus reducing editing or post-production time.

CEO Address

ceo address videos

Motivate your staff by transmitting your Corporate message to your entire team on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

Surgical Procedures

ceo address videos

What better way to train and educate our future Doctors and Physicians than through high quality video content, either for Conferences or e-learning.


conference videos

Create a highlight version of your Conference to attract delegates and speakers to your next Conference or Seminar.

Launches & Promotional Video’s

product launches and promo video

These are often high-profile expensive events that provide the client with an opportunity to showcase the new product as well as increase corporate visibility.

Corporate Training

corporate training videos

This area of HR has evolved from a lecture room to e-learning, or learning by watching an interactive DVD.

Possibilities are endless with video content.

Corporate Awards

corporate awards

Record or shoot your long-service awards or corporate function for motivational purposes or archives.

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